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Hi I'm Tiana - 29yo, cute, charming, radiating, energetic, sexy and free spirited with a rare combination of both playfull youthfulness and experience.

I offer you professional tantric massages. I am certified, licensed and insured.

Explore and experience your sexuality on a deeper level. Increase your awareness of the life-creating force that resides within all of us - our sexual energy. Experience moving this energy to all parts of your body through your chakras for increased energy, vitality, brain power, health and well-being and sexual power.

Session Description
Men and Women of all ages (18-80) and all levels of fitness (disabilities or medical conditions should be adressed and discussed prior to the session for the best treatment) are all welcomed to experience my tantric session designed to meet not only your erotic needs, but therapeutic as well. It will be an intoxicating mix of Tantra, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Sensual Connection that will melt away your stress and relieve your tension. You will experience a very relaxing deep tissue massage combined with sensual and erotic touching as I guide you in the building up of your energy and gentle manipulation of it throughout your body. My intuitive touch flows effortlessly and guides me to those areas that need the most tender loving care to soothe your aching muscles. My goal is to give you the most satisfaction and so designed my technique to keep you on the edge of arousal for extended periods of time and ultimately giving you, what is known in Tantra, as the "full body experience" bringing you to a higher consciousness - the human touch is the silent gate to our hearts. The energy will the be released towards the end of the session. Because of the amount of energy that you have created and retained, the result is usually very powerful and extraordinary.

Pre-Session Phone Conversation (around 5 Minutes)
During this conversation, I will explain how a typical Tantra session with me will flow and I will be happy to answer any general questions. I also like to know what your level of Tantra experience is (it's totally ok if its zero!) and if you have had any past Tantra sessions and what your experience was. If you have personal intimacy issues you would like to address in a Tantra session or if you would like to know if learning and practicing self Tantra can help you overcome the issue, we can briefly discuss this as well. All this information will help me to tailor your Tantra session specifically to fit your needs and goals.

The session will take place in a professional massage studio in Ludwigsburg, in a hotel in stuttgart inner city or in your hotel in an area of around 25km around Stuttgart if you prefere me to come to you.

You can reach me during the week from 10am to 9pm and Sundays from 7pm to 10pm. Please schedule Tantra sessions at least 24 hrs or more in advance so i can prepare everything for you.

Please know and respect that i provide only strictly professional massage services with therapeutic and erotic aspects but no sexual services!
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